Test Smarter, Not Harder

15 page article diving deep on the statistics of automated functional testing. Includes random sampling, pairwise and n-wise testing. Also proposes applying whitebox techniques to blackbox automation.

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  1. 8월 28, 2009 , 시간: 9:51 오전

    Great article. These efficiency-improving methods are not as widely known as they should be. Thanks for helping to get the word out.

    There are a lot of articles out there trying to describe pairwise and combinatorial software testing methods, but Scott Sehlhorst’s is one of the better one’s out there.

    Also worth checking out are, IMO, our test case generating tool to take advantage of those test design methods and a couple sites with more recent articles on these kinds of testing techniques. See, e.g.:

    1. Our test case generator – http://www.hexawise.com
    and an overview of how it works – http://www.hexawise.com/Hexawise_Introduction.pdf
    2. More articles – http://www.combinatorialtesting.com/clear-introductions-1
    3. My blog (mostly about related topics of efficient test design methods): http://hexawise.wordpress.com/

    – Justin
    Founder of Hexawise

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